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Finally, a coworking space for the rest of us!

What does it mean when a coworking space is funded and developed by Bay Area business owners and not billion dollar corporations? It means authentic, meaningful networking connections with real community leaders who genuinely understand the nuts and bolts of how to get your idea built. Need help getting an idea permitted in the city of Berkeley or Oakland? We can help with that. Need connections to local vc or funding? We know a girl. When your coworking space is authentically local, your opportunities are endless.

The new place to startup isn’t a garage–it’s The Office.

Let’s look at the perks of renting an office at a thoughtfully designed coworking space: lightning fast WiFi supplied by Sonic, catered lunches from local restaurants and food trucks, free conference rooms, free event hosting, and printing and reception services. Also, at The Office we’ve built an awesome communal kitchen & cafe too. We’ve got a giant stocked fridge, a water bottle fill up station, and multiple Chemexes for endless pour over coffee sourced from the best local roasteries. Plus, unlike the drafty garage, we’ve got central heating.

Networking at home is not a thing.

Come surround yourself with a community of like-minded people who can help refine, fund, critique, and support your small business or budding startup. From pitch events to communal seating with other creative and innovative people, The Office has all your networking needs covered!

Whatever your working preferences, The Office has a clean, well-designed space for you to get work done and make great happen.

Do you prefer to work in a crowd and need tons of noise to be productive? Yeah, we’ve got that. Or how about a private glass office with your own coded entry? We’ve got that too. And everything in between.

Our charm is best experienced in person