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Technology Makes It Easier Than Ever To Earn (And Learn)

25 years ago, if someone told you that, soon, you’d carry a computer, phone, and camera in one device in your pocket you would’ve laughed. Not today. Technology has advanced to the point where things we thought impossible in our youth are canon in our world. Technological advancements have had…

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Juneteenth Holiday

Friends and colleagues, The Office will be closed Friday, June 19th in observance of Juneteenth. We believe it is crucial to recognize and honor this day, and we regret that we have not observed it previously. But starting this year we are making a commitment to provide a paid holiday…

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EPOC – Entrepreneurial People of Color

To celebrate and support entrepreneurs of color, The Oakland African American Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with The Office: Berkeley will be hosting the first-ever EPOC Pitch and Networking Event! We invite business owners and entrepreneurs of color to pitch their business ideas to a panel of local leaders. After considering…

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A Community of Inclusion

We opened The Office: Berkeley because we believe in the transformative power of entrepreneurship, and our goal is to include as many people in that vision as possible. We promote a community of inclusion, so that every person may have the opportunity to shape, define, and realize their professional dreams.…

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TFW you win $500k

For our members, the co-founders of, dreams came true last week when they were awarded first place and $500k at the Forbes Under 30 Global Change the World competition. Pitch master and Medinas co-founder Chloe Alpert triumphantly accepted one of those big ol' checks from none other than Ashton…

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