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For our members, the co-founders of, dreams came true last week when they were awarded first place and $500k at the Forbes Under 30 Global Change the World competition. Pitch master and Medinas co-founder Chloe Alpert triumphantly accepted one of those big ol’ checks from none other than Ashton Kutcher and his Sound VC group.

Ashton Competition Photo 1200X800
Office member Chloe Alpert and a big ol’ reward

That’s right friends. Chloe is now business partners with movie stars, and that’s just a perk. Medinas is going to change the world by offering a platform that trades near-expiration medical supplies that otherwise would become waste. Approximately $700 million of garbage that normally goes to landfills without ever being used will now be made useful and help reduce medical costs. We are so proud and happy for them (and only a little jealous). Medinas’ journey started way before they met us, but we are so honored to be a part of it.

We originally met Chloe and her co-founders when they signed up for our pitch competition, Innovate-Hers. Their vision to reduce waste, reduce costs, and increase the availability of medical supplies is so smart. We loved the idea and the pitch so much that we donated membership to them. Not because we saw them shooting to the stars, but because we felt we should put our money where our mouth is. As it turns out, Chloe and her team feel the same.

We asked Chloe for tips on pitching and she told us she’s ready to share her knowledge with her peers. She said it was her support network and the people that believed in her that helped refine her pitch. So don’t underestimate the importance of sharing your vision, asking for feedback, and getting involved in your community. Chloe will be making an appearance at our next event to network with other entrepreneurs, and hopefully we’ll get a chance to have her share her tips officially. Congrats!

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