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Welcome to The Office blog! Our dream was to create a local coworking space—developed by a team of Cal alumni and Berkeley entrepreneurs—with a specific focus on supporting the economic growth of businesses and individuals in our community. We’re not another impersonal billion dollar corporate coworking space; we’re locals looking to provide an awesomely designed, fun coworking environment for all ages and all types of employment. Our space, designed by Studio KDA—a local, award-winning architecture firm—was inspired by the different ways people learn and work in office spaces. To that end we have busier, noisier café seating in the front, followed by communal trader tables in the middle, and ultra-private glass offices on the perimeter. We call it ‘gradations of privacy’ which is a fancy architectural way of saying no matter what environment you prefer to work in The Office has you covered.

We will officially open on April 15th , though the space will be finished before then. Feel free to stop by, or book an appointment and we’ll give you a private tour. Another cool thing about being local: If you just want to pop in and see what’s going in your community, we’re cool with that! No sales pressure: come in, look around, or just say hello.

During the month of March, we’re offering founding member rates, which include discounted monthly memberships and the ability to help us create a coworking culture that you want. So if you don’t absolutely love your current coworking space, come join The Office and help us create a place you do love at a price you think is reasonable. Email us for more info at: [email protected].

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